Spam Filtering

Create a Rule to automatically delete Spam in Outlook

  1. Get into Outlook and make sure you are viewing your Inbox
  2. On the Tools menu, click Rules Wizard. If prompted choose "Server"
  3. Click New.
  4. Choose "Check messages when they arrive"
  5. Click the "Next>" button.
  6. Check "with specific words in the subject"
  7. In the lower box labeled Rule description, click on specific words.
  8. In the Add new: box enter "**spam** and then click add.
  9. Click OK
  10. Click the "Next>" button.
  11. Check "move it to the specified folder"
  12. In the Rule description box below click on "specified"
  13. Choose the folder you wish to move the messages to. (You can also create a new folder by clicking on the "New..." button.)
  14. Click Okay
  15. Click "Finish"
  16. If you want to run a newly created rule on messages already in the Inbox, select the Run this rule now on messages already in Inbox check box in the last page of the Rules Wizard.

Tip If you want to run a newly created rule on messages in a folder other than the Inbox, click Rules Wizard on the Tools menu, and then click Run Now.

Creating a Rule in Entourage

  1. Before you create the rule, you need to first create a folder to have the rule move all the spam messages into. In Mail view, choose New, then Folder from the File menu.
  2. Enter a name for the folder and click Create.
  3. Choose Rules from the Tools menu. The Rules window appears.
  4. Click the Mail (IMAP) button.
  5. Click the New button in the toolbar. The Edit Rule window appears.
  6. Enter a name for the rule (e.g., Spam) in the Rule name field.
  7. Choose Subject from the left-most pop-up menu under If.
  8. Choose Contains from the next pop-up menu to the right.
  9. Enter [Spam: in the text field that completes the line.
  10. Under Then, choose Junk mail from the pop-up menu on the right in the first line.
  11. In the second line, choose Move message from the pop-up menu on the left.
  12. Choose Choose folder from the pop-up menu on the right.
  13. Select the folder you created in step 2 and click Choose.

Note: The suggestion is to move these messages into a specific folder for the time being. This allows you to monitor what the spam tag is actually tagging. After a while, you may feel comfortable enough to change this setting to "Delete message" (selected from the left pop-up menu instead of Move message).

  1. Click OK.
  2. Close the Rules window.