HTML Design
Hyper-Text Markup Language is the language used for writing pages for the World Wide Web. HTML Editors assist the author by providing buttons and icons that insert the necessary tags. For HTML design you can download AOLPRESS. AOLPRESS is a simple user friendly WYSIWG editor. For more instructions or details please refer to our How To section.

Graphic Design
Image editors are the various programs you can use to change your images in any way. Paint Shop Pro is shareware and expires after a 30 day time period. You then have to register the product for a small fee. Paint Shop Pro 5 is the latest version of this easy-to-use popular graphics editor, with powerful new features such as complete layer support, Picture Tube brushes, CMYK separations and pressure-sensitive tablet support. Also includes enhancements to Paint Shop Pro's flexible painting and retouching brushes, adjustable cropping and selection tools, and image enhancements.

File Transfer Protocol
File Transfer Protocol is the ability to send and receive files from other computers. You will need to know the name of the file and the address of the site who has it before FTPing. This can be acquired by using Archie program, or by getting it from someone who has downloaded the file. FTP programs vary widely in their features, from simple programs that let you select a file and tell it where to upload to, to programs that let you schedule uploads and downloads and more. As with most programs, make sure you get one that does what you need but don't bother with a ton of features you'll never use! WS-FTP Designed for non-programmers but sophisticated enough for power users. Widely recognized as the fastest, most popular FTP applications available, WS_FTP takes full advantage of Windows' point-and-click capabilities.
Please note you'll need to download a compression utility before you can run the setup

Compression Utilities
Archiving utilities allow an individual to compress/decompress files, making them smaller for uploading, downloading, putting on disk, etc. To decompress the file, you usually need a decompression program of the same format, to expand the files and make them usable again. There are many different formats of compression which vary in popularity. Currently ZIP is the most popular, but other formats such as ARJ, RAR, and even LHA and ARC have their adherents. WIN-ZIP is the most popular compression/decompression utility for Windows, WinZip has an easy to use and fairly configurable interface, works fast, and adds items to the right-click menu whenever you're dealing with files to easily compress or decompress files.