Creating a Customized Portal

To create a customized portal, simply click on

Create MyPortal

which appears on the left side of the page.

When the Your Personalized Portal page appears, you will be able to choose from over 30 categories of information - up to 4 choices for the left side of the portal and 4 choices for the right side of the portal.

For example, clinicians might want to choose Clinical Information, Continuing Medical Education, P&T Guidelines and Patient Education for the left side of the portal and Medical Journals, Medical Education, MyLinks and MyNews for the right side of the portal. Note that MyLinks and MyNews are very special categories. If you include the MyLinks category on your page, then the links you add yourself, described below, will appear on your portal. If you include the MyNews category, then your specialty information, described below, is used to automatically bring specialty specific news of the day to your portal.

After you choose the categories of information you want, you then can specify links of your own that will appear on your personal portal. For example

Link1: Healthwise Decision Support

Choose a username and enter a username for your personal page. We recommend the first letter of your first name, followed by your lastname i.e. John Smith would be


Choose a password and enter it in the password box.

Specify your professional and specialty. This information is used to deliver personalized news specific to your specialty.

Click on Save and your personal portal will appear.

To Edit your portal at any time, just click on Edit MyPortal, which appears on the left side of the screen.

To leave your portal, just click on Log Out and you will be returned to the standard portal.

To return to your portal, just specify a username and password under Myportal Log in and click the Log in button.