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It has been 0 days since the last employee incident
Employee safety incidents to date in FY10 - 741 including:
157 Patient or object lifting/handling, most recent:  1 day ago
126 Falls/slips/trips, most recent:  2 days ago
229 Blood/fluid exposures, most recent:  0 days ago
IS Support Center Self Service
Accessing Radiology Images via CareWeb - Tutorial Videos
Airway Precautions Enter/Edit
Anvita imaging CDS Test System
CareWeb Clinical Lookup
Case Management Test
CCC/OMR Help  More...
Discharge Plan Test System (Training)
Discharge Summary Help
Discharge Summary Test
ED Dashboard Test
eScription Help and FAQ’s
eTicket Administrator Test
eTicket Test
History & Physical Test
Infectious Disease Testing
Insulin Infusion Calculator Testing
Lab Req Viewer Test
metaVision (Adult Critical Care Edition) Training
MetaVision Procedure Note Video
Nursing Initial Patient Assessment Test
Nutrition system testing
OMS Dashboard Test
Outpatient Phlebotomy Test
PAT Associcates Editor
Pathology Test
Perioperative Information Management System Test
Pharmacy OMS Dashboard Test
Pharmacy System Test
Phlebotomy System Testing
PIMS Holding Area Assessment
PIMS PreOp Assessment
POE SoftLab Dictionaries
Provider Order Entry Downtime Review Orders
Provider Order Entry Info
Provider Order Entry Testing
Provider Schedules Test
Radiology Order Dashboard
Radiology Order Dashboard (on Live data)
Radiology Professional Billing
Radiology Professional Billing
Scheduling Web Display Test
Social Work Queue Administrator Test
Social Work Queue Test
Team Census Test
webOMR Clinician Tutorial
WebOMR Lite
webOMR Medication Reconciliation
webOMR Test

AEM Pilot
Application Registry
BIDMC POP client configuration changes
Cactus to CPI Extract Check
Caregroup Distribution Lists
CareGroup's Portal Application Descriptions
Casemix TSI Update Times
Change Your ITS Password
CPR of the Adult Patient in the Medical Surgical Needs Assessment
CSIS-MTA Network Redesign Project
CSIS-NEBH Network Project
Customizing the CareGroup Portal Page
Data Repository Access Request
Domain Name Registration Information
Entourage 2004 Configuration Instructions
FAXmaker FAQ
Firewall Information
HANDS: Healthcare and Network Data Services
HL7 Interface Utilities
Imaging Access Form
IS Databases
IS Fiscal Systems
IS Manager on call
IS New Technologies
IS Support Service Agreement for Software
IS Support Services
IS Supported Software
iShift Test Link
Labor and Delivery Documentation Audit
Magic Service Desk
MBridge  More...
Metaframe Questions and Answers
Monitor Screen for CCC
NEHEN Express Users' Guide
Network Resources  More...
Nursing Documentation Audit - FY2010
Nursing Documentation Audit - FY2010 - October & April
Nursing Quality & Safety Audit -FY2010
Orbit Access form
Outlook Request Form
Outlook Training
PeopleSoft Access Page
Pop Email FAQ
Portal & MyPortal Help
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Secure File Transfer
Service Standards for Customer Calls
Spam filtering
Spam Information
Survey of Nursing Practice (ED)
Survey of Nursing Practice (L&D)
Survey of Nursing Practice (Med-Surg & CC)
Survey of Nursing Practice (OB & NICU)
Telecom Work Request & Pager Form
Training  More...
Using the Clinical Workstation
W32.Blaster Worm patch for Windows 2000
W32.Blaster Worm patch for Windows NT
W32.Blaster Worm patch for Windows XP 32 Bit
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