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It has been 0 days since the last employee incident
Employee safety incidents to date in FY10 - 741 including:
157 Patient or object lifting/handling, most recent:  1 day ago
126 Falls/slips/trips, most recent:  2 days ago
229 Blood/fluid exposures, most recent:  0 days ago
Bioterrorism Preparedness Resources   (Contact Section Editor)
BIDMC Infection Control - Bioterrorism/Emergency Management
Smallpox Updates and Resources  More...
Resources for Patients  More...
Ricin FAQ (CDC)
ACP-ASIM Bioterrorism Resources
Consensus Statements on Biological Weapons (JAMA)
Countering Bioterrorism and Other Threats to the Food Supply (FDA)
Disaster Preparedness and Medical Response (AMA)
Bioterrorism Information & Resources (ISDA)
Public Health Emergency Preparedness and Response (CDC)
Reporting Of Possible Bioterror Agent-Related Cases (MMS)
ER Procedures in Chemical Hazard Emergencies (CDC)
Boston Public Health Commission - Bioterrorism Fact Sheet