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It has been 0 days since the last employee incident
Employee safety incidents to date in FY10 - 741 including:
157 Patient or object lifting/handling, most recent:  1 day ago
126 Falls/slips/trips, most recent:  2 days ago
229 Blood/fluid exposures, most recent:  0 days ago
Patient Advocacy and Consumer Issues
*Editor: Henrietta Green
20 Tips for Consumers to Prevent Medical Errors (AHRQ)
Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality
Communicating with Your Doctor
Consumer Reports Medical Guide
Doc Finder
Evaluation of Info Sources on the Web (Victoria Univ at Wellington)
HON (Health On the Net)
HON Code of Conduct
JCAHO Center for Patient Safety
Managed Care Consumer Advisory Board (MA)
Managed Care Consumer Guide
Medical Reporter
MLA/CAPHIS Web Sites You Can Trust
MLA's Deciphering Medspeak
MLA's Prescription Abbreviations
MLA's User's Guide to Finding and Evaluating Health Info
New England Patient Education and Advocacy Coalition