MetaFrame Installation


Click HERE for Windows Windows 7, XP, Vista, 2003, & 2008.

Click HERE for Macintosh

Frequently Asked Questions about MetaFrame:

Do I need to install Software on my computer?
Yes, you will need to install a small software program on your computer. This program is downloaded from CareGroup using the links above. The size of the program is 12 Megabytes.

What is my login name and password? What is a domain?
When you start the application session, your are prompted for your Outlook/NT username and password. The domain is called ITS. Type ITS in the domain field.

Why doesn't my printer work?
Metaframe must recognize your printer. The CareGroup MetaFrame servers have 10 printer types pre-installed, including Hewlett Packard LaserJet printers. If your printer doesn't work, call the IS Support Center and submit a request to add your printer type added to the installed printer list.

Why do I see a black box after I log off an application?
When you quit or exit an application, the system needs to update information back to a central computer. This process takes about 30 seconds and you will see a black box on your screen until this process is finished. If you wish, you can close the Metaframe window and the black box will disappear.

Do I need to do anything else?
All remote access login attempts (along with logon failures) will be audited. This will allow us to detect any security violations. All information passed between your computer and the MetaFrame server will be encrypted and secured. Keep your password private. There is no reason for anyone in CareGroup Information Systems to request your password. Do not be tricked! Do not share your password with anyone.

Nothing happens after I enter my login name and password for Outlook 2000 on MetaFrame.
This indicates a problem with your personal profile on the MetaFrame server. Call the IS Support Center to resolve this problem.

Why can't I access my local hard drive from Outlook 2000? The first time you run a MetaFrame application you are prompted to answer a few File Security questions. The option to allow Full Access, Read Access or No Access to your local drive and whether or not continue to ask this question is displayed after you first sign on to the application. Your response to these questions are stored in a file on your local computer. The file is located in your Windows directory and is called WEBICA.INI. If you need to change any of your options, simply delete this file. The next time you sign on to a MetaFrame application you will be once again prompted for your File Security options.

Does MetaFrame work with AOL 5.0?
The official statement from Citrix and AOL is that some of the AOL infrastructure is very old. Depending on the local AOL office you call into, new technologies such as Citrix may or may not work. If the AOL office you call into has relatively new equipment, Citrix works fine. Thus, connect via AOL, minimize the AOL software, launch Internet Explorer. Go to, click on Web Email and Metaframe Installation. After Installation, Click on Outlook via Metaframe. If it works, you're all set. If it does not, it means you are connecting to older AOL equipment and for now, you should use another, free internet service provider, such as or