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Name Purpose Owner
AFW Clinical scheduling software Table list
ARSYSTEM Issues log development database for Information Support Center Remedy NT Margaret Hyland Table list
BIDMCER The Education and Research Web site is run almost entirely off this database Stephen Berry Table list
BIOMETRIC The Biometrics Center Database is intended to enable data collection for multi-center clinical trials using web-enabled forms. Robert Parker Table list
BTR NEDH/West Campus billing transaction data for admits from 03/95 thru 06/97 DSS/DBA Table list
CARE Creates a unique identifer (UID) for each patient. This UID is then used as a link for patient records in various applications. Cathy Ball/Gail Wood Table list
CARE;CMIDEV;CONV CMI Test Oracle Instances Cathy Ball Table list
CAREQUEST Database used for Web Questionnaire Roy Schoenberg Table list
CAREWEB This database has been taken off line and broken up into smaller databases. John Halamka Table list
CASEMIX This Sybase version of Casemix was the basis for the CASEMIX_TSI database Decision Support Systems (DSS) Table list
CASEMIX_TSI BIDMC encounter data for 07/01/97-to-date. Includes cost accounting data (TSI) Decision Support Systems (DSS) Table list
CDA bed-side clinical data archive database David Delaney Table list
CDR Data repository containing clinical and ADT information for Caregroup patients. Lauren Cohen Table list
CHC_AP_HX Anatomic Pathology reports from 1987 to 1999 for patients on West Campus. Lauren Cohen Table list
CHC_HX CHC(West Campus Lab Info System) Clinical Pathology results for research patients & patients not found in OLD_DEACONESS_REPOSITORY Lauren Cohen Table list
CLAIMS Provider Service Network Managed Care Data Warehouse John Campbell Table list
CLINICAL Census data for East Campus from 2/26/98. Both campuses from 6/26/99. Decision Support Systems (DSS) Table list
Clinical_Prod Contains miscellaneous clinical tables used for web_apps Issa Al-Aweel / John Halamka Table list
CPI Central Repository of Caregroup Providers. Contains education, academic appts, board certifications, specialty, address and affiliations. Table list
DATA_DICTIONARY Definition of categories used by various databases ie gender, religion Table list
DBADMIN List of databases and corresponding roles that have been created DBA Table list
EASCAREGROUP Compliance Database Table list
EDADMITS Emergency Room data used for Executive Information Systems Decision Support Maria Glebus/ John Halamka Table list
EIS Executive Information Summary John Campbell Table list
GME Graduate medical expense reimbursement tracker Toby Robins Table list
HAUD:HDEV:HDMO:HTST Peoplesoft Test Environments Larry Bastianelli Table list
HEARTSCAN Collect information on heart scan patients Gayle Puopolo Table list
HELP Help desk issues log database for Information Support Center Margaret Hyland Table list
HSYS Peoplesoft Production Payroll Larry Bastianelli Table list
ISM bed-side clinical information support mart David Delaney Table list
JHTEMPLATES_NEW Templates used for homepage, events, physician profiles, etc. Ellen Quaadras Table list
MASS_CONSORTIUM Mass. acute care hospital I/P discharge date for FY 94- 2001 DSS/DBA Table list
MASTER_CODES Central database to hold code sets that are used by more than 1 database. References for DRG, Procedure and Payor Information. Table list
MBRIDGE Allows users to call Web pages from MUMPS Table list
MEDS Phamacy Steve Maynard/Jack Beaucaire Table list
ODISY Contains all thehistorical patient demographic information originally stored in the Odisy mainframe databases since early 1980 Gail Wood/Michelle Leone Table list
OLD_DEACONESS_BTR Billing transaction respository for West Campus Table list
OLD_DEACONESS_REPOSITORY Clinical information for West campus 1994 to 1999 DSS/DBA Table list
ONYX Customer Relationship Management Solution providing support to referring physicians. The call center accesses this application when the public calls in for a physician referral. Also used for marketing purposes. Sherry Birkmaier Table list
OPTIKA Scans and retrieves images and reports Larry Bastianelli Table list
PAIN_MGT Track patients in the Arnold Pain Mgmt Clinic Susan Hook Table list
PEOPLE List of Residents John Campbell Table list
PHARMACY Tracks Formulary drugs and patient drug usage Table list
PHONEDIR_PROD Contains all tables for the phone directory on the portal Ellen Quaadras Table list
PORTAL_PROD Contains all the tables related to the functioning of the portal itself Michael Yankovski Table list
PRISM Pharmacy Risk Intervention Support Module (PRISM), aka Therapeutic Intervention Application John Campbell Table list
RADMRI RADMRI is a Research database used to schedule MRI magnet use time. Deb Burstein Table list
RATE_SETTING The quarterly submission to Rate Setting Commission of hospital discharges. Includes DRG assignments Diane Fenn Table list
REPOUSER Test database for users to build and test tables. Table list
SCHEDULER_PLUS_2001 Physical resource scheduling and reporting system ie conference rooms, gurneys. Table list
SIGNATURE Signature Comparison Issa Al-Aweel Table list
STARS PSN's Service Tracking and Referral System John Campbell Table list
SURGERY Record of the surgical process- beginning to end with the focus on the scheduling of OR suite Table list
TOC_Prod Manuals or Policies of Departments Issa Al-Aweel Table list
Trauma1 Emergency Unit Clinical System Cathy Ball Table list
V_PATHOGENS Research database for viral pathogens Table list
VISUALCACTUS Provider Credentialing and Enrollment Shane Richardson Table list
WEB_APPLICATIONS_Prod Used by applications on the WEB Ellen Quaadras Table list
WEBHIRE Human Resources Resume tracking system Larry Bastianelli Table list
WEBRADIOLOGY_PROD Contains miscellaneous tables related to web apps used on the radiology site on Larry Barbaras Table list
WEBTEMPLATES_PROD Contains all the tables for the Web Templates Ellen Quaadras Table list

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