Taxi Service

Boston Cab is the primary vendor for providing taxi services to Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center staff, management and patients.   A voucher system process permits a voucher to be used for a taxi ride, and charged to an individual department or research grant.

Overview of Service and Setting Up a New Account

Requesting Taxi Service

Call Boston Cab at (617) 536-3200.  Identify yourself as a Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center voucher account/user.

New Users

To set up a new account, please complete the form below, obtain the signature of the authorized manager, and fax the form to Larry Ford in Purchasing at fax 617-667-1461.
Turnaround will be about 7 - 10 days.

Additional Voucher Books

Call Boston Cab @ (617) 536-3033 and ask for Pat.
Give your account number (located on the upper right hand corner of your current book)
Voucher books will be issued, and then delivered to the mailroom for internal delivery to you.

Customer Service Issues

Boston Cab constantly monitors their services. Should a quality problem arise, please call

Brett Barenholtz, CEO at                  617-536-3033 or
Email him at

Before calling, please have the cab number, date of the service in question, and voucher number available so Brett can resolve the issue.

Unresolved issues?  Call Paula French in BIDMC Contracting at 617-667-1421 for assistance.


A centralized invoice will be sent monthly to Accounts Payable for payment.
No individual invoices will be sent to each department.
Your account number is cross-referenced to your cost center number or research grant number on the invoice for accurate budgeting.

Advanced Booking

Boston Cab has a new highly sophisticated computer system that allows for early requests for services at a later time. If desired, ten minutes before pickup time you can call to confirm the cab number that is en route.

Thank you for your compliance with these procedures.

New Users – Boston Cab Voucher

If you are a Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center New User, to set up a new Boston Cab account, please complete the Boston Cab Voucher Account Request Form, obtain your manager’s approval/signature, and fax the completed form to Larry Ford in Purchasing at fax 617-667-1461. 


Turnaround will be about 7 - 10 days.








Boston Cab Voucher Account Request Form

Fax the completed form to Larry Ford in Purchasing at fax 617-667-1461


Please set up a Boston Cab voucher account for:

Department Name_______________________

Contact Name__________________________

Contact Location________________________


(Address, Building, Room Number, etc.)

 Contact Phone Number____________________

Cost Center: ___________________________

Charge Number

 G/L Number: ___________________________


Research Grant Number: _____________________

Sub Code: ________________________________



Authorized Manager: ______________________

Title: __________________________________

Date:   ______________________