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Contact Information
Staff Listing
Organization Chart
Radiation Emergency Contact Information
Radiation Safety Manual
BIDMC Radiological Emergency Plan

Dosimetry and Personnel Monitoring
RSC-3 Radiation Monitoring
Badge Requisition Form
Compliance and Enforcement Policy for Radiation Safety in Non–laboratory Settings
Pregnancy Declaration Form


Licensing and Compliance Guidelines
Instructions for Radiation Therapy Patients
RSC-6 RT CEU Management Policy
Radiation Safety Concerns for I-131 Therapy
I-131 Therapy Fact Sheet
Trash Monitor Response

Clinical Scheduling
Written Directive Program
I-131 Radiopharmaceutical Therapy Scheduling & Treatment Procedure
Radiopharmaceutical Written Directive Form
Brachytherapy Implant Scheduling & Treatment Procedure
Brachytherapy Written Directive Form
90Y Radioembolization Treatment Support & Release Form
Lutathera (177Lu) Treatment Support

X-Ray and Fluoroscopy
O.R. Staff Training
Guidelines and Instructions for Fluoroscopy Training
Radiation Protection Apparel Guide (EC-79)
Minimizing Risks from Fluoroscopic X-rays
PR-02 Appendix A: RSC-2 Consent of a Pregnant Patient for Radiological Procedures
Interruption of Breast Feeding for a Nursing Nuclear Medicine Patient
Holding Patient during Diagnostic Radiology Exposures
Gonadal Shielding and Minimizing Radiation for Diagnostic Radiology Exposures

Radiation Safety Office Forms
Radioactive Material Transfer Sheet
I-131 Calibration Form
Radiation Therapy Patient Information Form
Release Information for Inpatient I-131 Therapy
Release Information for Outpatient I-131 Therapy
Outpatient I-131 in Russian
Outpatient I-131 in Traditional Chinease
Outpatient I-131 in Spanish
90Y Patient Release Instructions
Ra-223 Patient Release Instructions
Lutathera® (lutetium Lu-177 dotatate) Therapy Post Treatment Precautions and Instructions


Research Radiation Safety Training Requirements

Purchasing Radioactive Material
Purchasing Radioactive Materials Guide
Research Purchasing Form
Radioactive Material Package Receipt Form

Use of Radioactive Materials
General Handling Precautions for Radioactive Materials
Guidelines for Documenting Radioactive Survey
Radioactive Use Log Sheet
Permit Amendment Form
Guidance for Laboratory Move
Handling Precautions for I-125

Response to Radiation Trash Monitors
Radioactive Waste Pick Up Form and Guidelines
Radioactive Waste Disposal Guidelines
Radioactive Waste Poster for Research Laboratory Space

Laser Safety Office
Laser Pointer Selection and Safety Recommendations
Laser Guidance in Research Areas
Laser Safety for Alignment Procedures